5 Differences between a Boss and a Leader

A boss is a person to whom the workers report. A boss exercises control over employees, assigns tasks and duties to them and is entitled to take decisions on some matters.

Wounds of The Heart and Social Problems

But in case the wounds are not repaired, they may turn into a disease of the heart

Ksh 35.7 Million Tax Fraud

Two Constructors in Trouble after Failure to Pay Tax

Rights and Priorities to Future

Sudan is at a historic moment

No Impeachment For Samboja

Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja has survived an impeachment motion.

Politicians Put on Spot as Clashes Between Two Maasai Clans Escalate

Politicians put on spot as clashes between two Maasai clans escalate

Big Four Agenda

Saudi Fund Development to Invest in Kenya

Man for Man Society

Human capital development, being the foundation of the socioeconomic growth of the state.

How to Deal with Gossip About You

How do you deal with gossip about you? If you are facing hurtful gossip, you will need emotional intelligence to avoid making the situation worse.

Central Leaders Want BBI Speeded Up

Four governors from Mt Kenya region have urged President Kenyatta to ease the publication of the BBI