Was It Okay For Jacob to Lie to His Father?

This story compares Jacob and Esau of how one can receive a blessing. Jacob did not have any condition for him to receive a blessing though he eventually received the blessing. If we learn how Jacob received the blessing and emulate the same, then, w...

The Mighty Hand of God Which Saves His People

Satan cannot release loose people so easily but it takes the hand of God. God helps us in the affliction with a stretched mighty hand. God destroys what seems good to us so that he may become our help. The God who came down to save the children of Is...


This excerpt talks about forgiveness. As we received from the Lord so are we to deliver to the other people.

The Change That Occurs From I Discovering Myself

In life, everyone has a desire to receive change in one way or the other. Many try to change themselves to no avail. It doesn't succeed because; no one understands how to change them.

The Ability of the Ark to Float

The ark was on the earth and to prevent it from being destroyed by the flood, it had the ability to float upon the waters. Every time the water filled the earth, it lifted the ark up. The earth (and the mountains) represents our flesh and the water t...

5 Signs That You're Burning Out

What are the tell-tale signs that you’re burning out? Burnout is gradual, it does not happen overnight.

5 Tips To Handle Burnout

How do you handle burnout? The signs and symptoms of burnout should be handled early before they become worse. You should take steps to actively reduce your stress before it becomes a bigger problem.

How To Improve Productivity At Work

Do you find it hard to accomplish everything on your to-do list by the end of a workday? Sometimes, being productive at work may prove to be difficult. You may start your day with a to-do list but find yourself doing very little.

JKUAT Lurking Insecurity

Students of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology have in the past held demonstrations over their security, following several attacks targeting them.

Creation Of Job Opportunities

Kenya’s economy is creating new and untapped opportunities across many sectors.