5 DIY Plumbing Repairs

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How comfortable are you with DIYs? Do you know with the appropriate tools, easy to understand instructions and the right DIY spirit you can handle many minor plumbing repairs? These DIYs can save you a lot of money in the end.

You may be hesitant to handle complicated plumbing projects on your own, but you can fix small leaks and clogs without calling in plumbing professionals.

Here are some of the top 5 DIY plumbing repairs you can tackle on your own:

1.Clogged Drain

Do you know how to prevent a slow or clogged drain? It’s just as vital as knowing how to handle the repair. A slow drain could be a result of a problem with a plumbing vent, which controls the air pressure in the pipes.

Vent issues require a professional plumber but if there is debris caught in the drainpipes, then you can use a cable auger to snake the drain.

You can use natural solvents such as vinegar and baking soda to keep your drains clean.

2. Leaky Faucet

The frustrating drip of a leaky faucet can cause irritation and higher water bills. Good news, it’s easy to fix your leaky faucet if you have the necessary tools to get this job done. However, there are different types of faucets.

How many types of faucets do you know? There are four types of faucets: ball type, cartridge(sleeve) ceramic disk and compression. A damaged faucet can be easy to fix depending on its type.

There are useful YouTube videos online that provide instructions on how to fix leaky faucets.

3. Running Toilet

A faulty floater switch or stop valve will leave you with a running toilet. A floater switch is a big bulb in the back of your toilet that prevents the flow of clean water into the toilet once your tank is full.

You can jiggle the handle to stop the running toilet. However, this is just a temporary solution.

Do you want a permanent solution?

Replace the whole assembly. The water in the toilet tank is clean, hence don’t be afraid to deep your hands in the water.

4. Replacing Sink Sprayer

What type of kitchen sink sprayer do you have? If your sprayer has a detachable hose, you can replace it without having to replace the hose.

But if your hose has a tear, you may have to buy a new hose plus a new sprayer nozzle. There are new models that come as one piece.

5. Installing a Toilet

Installing a new toilet? Go for a dual flush toilet. However, any upgrade will reduce your water bill if you have an older toilet.

Make sure you have an easy to understand the DIY source that has clear images. If you don’t use a proper seal, it could cause bad odors and a leak.

Have the Right Tools

Getting the right tools can mark the difference between a quick plumbing repair and a complete waste of time.

The good news, you don’t need too much to fix the above repairs and what you’ll need is quite inexpensive.

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