6 Ways to Get Over Your Body Image Issues

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How do you get over your body image issues? Body image issues are a common problem and can be dealt with in various ways.

Body image is how you perceive your physical self. It is also characterized by the thoughts and feelings that come about as a result of that perception. These feelings can either be negative or positive.

Whenever you encounter a body image problem, you may need to tackle it before it gets out of hand.How can you get over your body image issues?

Here are some helpful ways to help you maintain a positive body image.

1.Learn to Love Your Body

Do not put much focus on the bits you don’t like. Learn to focus on the positive bits of your body. Be in contact with your body by touching it as well as looking at it in the mirror.

This way, you promote a positive body image which is good for your well-being.

2. Stop Comparing Your Body to Others

Avoid comparing your physical attributes to those of other people as it may project a negative body image.

It is unfair to compare yourself with other people as it may leave you feeling inadequate and vulnerable.

3. Practise Self-acceptance

Practising self-acceptance means accepting yourself.It's healthier to accept your body instead of being critical about the things you cannot change about your body.

Accepting your body not only promotes a positive body image, but it also boosts your self-confidence.

4. Go for Therapy

There may be underlying issues beneath having a poor body image. For instance you may be having an eating disorder which may affect the way you view your body.

This issue may be dealt with by opening up to a trusted therapist which goes a long way in promoting a positive body image.

5. Avoid Negative People

Try to hang around positive people who bring out the best in you. Negative people tend to affect how you see, think and feel about your body.

Likewise, avoid going to places that give you negative feelings about your body for example do not go to places where people speak negatively about your body as it may affect how you perceive your body.

6. Affirm Yourself

Everyone experiences a poor body image at a particular point in their life hence it is nothing to be ashamed about. Whenever you get negative feelings about your body, it is important to harbour positive thoughts about yourself.

This could turn your situation around. Positive thoughts could play a key role in having a positive body image.

Have a Healthy Body Image

Your body image has a lot do do with the way you think about yourself. Positive thoughts bring about a positive body image while negative thoughts bring about a negative body image.It is important to have a positive mindset towards our body as it translates to having a healthy body image.

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Ivy Wambui