737 Max`s Ungrounded

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Boeing To Fly The Jet Again Starting Next Year

Boeing has said it expects its unpopular 737 max aircraft to return to the skies before the end of the year.

The plane model was involved in two accidents that did stir the aviation industry globally,causing the planes to be grounded.

The 737 max planes were grounded after two fatal crushes. One that occurred last year with Lion Air and claimed the lives of 189 passengers and the Ethiopian Airlines crush that happened in March 2019 killing 346 of its passengers.

Boeing said on Wednesday it was working back to back with regulators to return the jet to service. The firm added that it was developing a training update and it expects regulators to consent the planes take off again before the beginning of 2020.

Boeing boss Dennis Muilenburg said that they have taken action to further sharpen their company`s focus on product and services safety. They will continue to deliver on customer commitments and capture new opportunities with their values of safety, quality and integrity.

The grounding of the 737 Max dented Boeing`s financial results of the third quarter as its profits more than halved to $ 895 million.

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Timothy Omondi