Affordable Housing Projects,Launched in 2019

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Pan African housing development financer, Shelter Afrique has lauded the government of Kenya saying the country played a significant role in the company whereby it turned to be a profitability, following a successful execution.

Speaking in Nairobi, Shelter Afrique Chairman Nghidinua Daniel said the Company owes its speedy recovery to goodwill by member states and more so to Kenya’s support as a host nation.

He also said that Kenya has been supportive in many ways that when we called upon the Kenyan government, we have always received positive support.

Additionally to his points he claimed that Kenya is one of the countries which have financed the single largest project which conform to an affordable housing strategy, and has managed to work in tandem in many fronts involving the development of affordable housing.

Some of the projects the Company has launched this year in Kenya include Richland Pointe, Everest Apartments, and Karibu Homes.

The Company has also invested in the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Companies (KMRC).

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Timothy Omondi