Aukot Shoulders Punguza Mizigo Burden

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Punguza Mzigo, meant to ease the Burden, is weighing heavy on Ekuro Aukot's shoulders.

Bashing by mainstream parties, insufficient funding, radical proposals on representation and corruption are some of the elements associated with the likely collapse of the Thirdway Alliance Kenya party’s push for a plebiscite.

James Nyikal (Seme MP) alluded that DP William Ruto was the main sponsor of the Initiative but abandoned it mid-way.

Pundits say, although the initiative didn't enjoy support from major political players, it had the goodwill of some top Jubilee Party leader.

Dr. Aukot on Sunday put on a brave face even as it is evident that his bill is heading for a crash.

Aukot is on record blaming the senior politicians of threatening MCAs to reject his bill.

He claims, the Ugatuzi Initiative being fronted by council of governors is also to blame for his woes.

The council has also made proposals in their push for constitutional changes.

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Timothy Omondi