Bad Reputation In Terms Of Kenya Being A Drug Destination

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Powerful Government Officials Aiding Booming Drug Business In Africa, Kenya ranked 11th in Continent

Kenya has the 11th –highest prevalence of organized crime in Africa. According to the organized Crime Index Africa 2019, state embedded actors are the greatest contributors above other big threats like criminal networks and foreign criminal actors.

The formula used in the report measured the level of organized crime whereby the higher the score the worse the situation.

The survey took place in 54 African countries and 11 benchmark countries in Latin America, North America, Europe and state embedded actors attracted 7.5 points, Criminal networks 7 points.

In the last decade, massive corruption and theft have become the mark of crime within many governments in Africa.

The inability to rid public service of powerful criminal elements has mainly played out in the continued loss of billions of shillings of public funds under the supervision or with the help of people in the authority.

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Timothy Omondi