Bangladeshi Student Dies After a Four Hour Beating

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A Bangladeshi Engineering undergraduate student, was killed in his dormitory.

The student who allegedly criticized the government online was attacked and beaten for several hours before his death.

Fellow students say Abrar Fahad was taken from his room and was beaten for at least four hours.

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Fahad, 21, confirmed to the BBC that his body was heavily bruised.

CCTV footage from Fahad's dormitory showed several men carrying the victim's body.

Police detained nine men from the dorm, including at least five activists.

Dr. Sohel Mahmud, head of the forensic department at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, who examined Fahad's body, told the BBC, "He died from an attack with a blunt objects."

Former students and members of the teaching staff also joined the demonstration on the campus.

The killing has shocked Bangladesh and shone a light on the culture of violence in public universities.

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Timothy Omondi