Big Four Agenda

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Saudi Fund Development to Invest in Kenya

The Saudi Fund Development (SFD) in a meeting between Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani and the Vice President and the Managing Director of SFD Dr Khalid Bin Suleiman Alkhudairy, which was also attended by Kenya’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Peter Ogego, announced that they will undertake in investing in the development of Kenya’s economy.

Mr. Khalid Bin said that besides investing in power, roads and education where it has already invested it is also investing in Kenya’s Affordable Housing project.

He added that he appreciates the fact that Kenya has steadily moved up in the rank of ease doing business index and they are keen in increasing its portfolio in the country.

The Saudi organization was encouraged to dedicate more fund for the whole spectrum of the big four agenda including food security, manufacturing and universal health coverage.

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Timothy Omondi