CAR And UN Common System Jointly Celebrate UN Day

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The UN common system held a ceremony to mark the 74th anniversary of the United Nations day.

This was to mark the foundational treaty of the United Nations, to maintain international peace and security and promote human rights.

Representatives of UN agencies, the United Nations civilians, police and military contingents, as well as members of the diplomatic community were present.

Officials of the Government of the Central African Republic also gathered at MINUSCA’s Logistics Base, Camp Castor in Bangui to observe the day.

This anniversary was an opportunity for General Balla Keïta, the Force Commander of the MINUSCA, to underline the support given to the return to peace in the Central African Republic.

In a message read at the ceremony, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres underscored the Organization’s commitment to tackling the real issues that Central-Africans faces.

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Timothy Omondi