Contraceptive Use Gains-Report

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More women and girls are using modern contraceptive methods, making Kenya one of the nine countries on track to meet the goals set for development in contraceptive use by next year.

A ground-breaking report on family planning shows that women and girls in Africa are rapidly embracing the use of condoms, injectable, implants and the pill.

As a result, the report estimates that 119 million unintended pregnancies, 21 million unsafe abortions and 134,000 maternal deaths were prevented last year alone.

The statistics are contained in a new report, FP2020: Women at the centre, produced by family planning 2020, which was launched on November 11 2019 on the sidelines of the International Conference on Population and Development in Nairobi. The number of girls and women of reproductive age has risen by 100 million since 2012.But it is eastern and southern Africa that have recorded the greatest gains, at about seven.

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Timothy Omondi