Dairy Farmers Cry Foul Over Growing Importation of Milk

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Farmers In The North Rift Demand Kenya Dairy Board And Parliament To Enact Law To Tame Cheap Milk Importation From Neighbouring Countries.

Dairy farmers speaking from Kitale said that the influx was destroying their livelihood and the local dairy sector is being damaged.

The Kenya National Federation of Farmers Secretary General Tom Nyagechaga said that there was a significant increase of Ugandan milk in the local market and it`s mainly driven by lower production costs in Uganda.

Nyagechaga added that this condition has allowed Ugandan processors to sell their products at low prices and they fear that their dominance will hurt their dairy farming.

Nyagechaga said that they recognize the spirit of the East African Community Common Market Protocol but there is a need for an intervention.

He later on stated that the situation would have been worse were it not for the modernization programme at New KCC.

Processors in Uganda purchase raw milk from farmers for as low as Ksh10 per litre compared to firms in Kenya which offer between Ksh25 and Ksh30 per litre.

Kenya produces an approximate of about 5.2 billion liters in a year and exports 5 percent to Tanzania, Uganda and the Middle East. The rests is consumed locally.

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Timothy Omondi