Drought-Hit Zimbabwe Sells Young Elephant Overseas

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At least 55 elephants in the Hwange National Park have died since September due to drought.

Zimbabwe has flown up to 30 young elephants to a different country, believed to be China.The sale has been criticized by animal welfare groups, who say that the animals might get traumatized.

Zimbabwe's National Parks service argues it needs to earn hard currency to support wildlife during a devastating drought. It has already killed 55 elephants.

Tenashi Farawo, spokesman for Zimbabwe's National Parks, said proceeds from the sale of the elephants would be used to dig wells to save wildlife in Hwange National Park.

He accused campaigners of using emotions to stir up undue public anger.

In August, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) approved a proposal stating that elephants from Africa should no longer get sold outside the continent - but, it is yet to be ratified.

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Timothy Omondi