Export Of Kenya Fertilizer

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A Japanese company, Toyota Tsusho is looking forward to expanding its market on agricultural activities. It plans to do this through its Kenyan-made fertilizer.

The Company said in its 2019 integrated report that it will promote the Baraka brand fertilizer . They will blend it at its Eldoret plant through its established car sales network.

It added that the expansion of the sales through exportation will contribute to the stable supply of food and economic development. They said that this will be done by utilizing its car sales network that it has cultivated over many years.

The firm said annual demand for fertilizer in Kenya is predicted to increase from 600,000 tonnes to 1.5 million tonnes adding that it is working to ensure the needs of farmers are met.

The plant was established after the government and Toyota signed a memorandum of understanding .

The first was the blending facility with the second one expected to be a manufacturing plant.

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Timothy Omondi