Fare Thee Well Old 1000 Bob

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CBK Deadline Usage of Old Ksh 1000 Note Is Finally Here

This being the last day according to CBK for the old Ksh. 1000 being legal in Kenya. So many people are still stranded not knowing where to take their old generation Ksh 1000 note.

This is as a result of traders not accepting the note even before the deadline.

Most traders told GBS that they are rejecting the old notes. they fear receiving the notes with the deadline so near. They claim it may become difficult to exchange it especially today.

The traders are asking for more time to exchange the old notes.

Rejection of the old bills by traders is as a result of the September 30, CBK deadline.

Some traders are also considering the note to have lost its value and that’s why they are rejecting it.

Some traders have been rejecting the old notes way before the deadline even drew closer.

The Central Bank Governor maintains he will not extend the deadline for the closure. He said, Kenyans have had enough time to exchange the old notes for the new.

The big question now remains, will CBK add time for those yet to exchange the money or not?

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Timothy Omondi