Fatuma Gedi Risks Losing Woman Rep Seat Over Sex Tape Scandal

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Fatuma Gedi could lose her seat as a Wajir County Woman Representative if the National Assembly ratifies a decision by a parliamentary committee to discipline her for disgracing the House and its members.

The report by the Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Committee chaired by Speaker Justin Muturi says that her conduct is contrary to the best interests of the National Assembly.

The House may pass a resolution to have the matter referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The report is to be debated and either approved in its current form or with amendments, or rejected.

The evidence submitted to the committee discloses that Gedi used information obtained through her office as an MP to further her private interests by having her colleagues, whom she accused of “manufacturing” a sex video that depicted her having intercourse, investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The law further says that Parliament, may in addition to any other penalty to which the member may be liable, impose a suspension of the member for a period as the House may decide, fine the member from their monthly salaries and allowances as the legislators may determine.

The affected member may also escape with a formal warning, an order to apologise to the House or a person affected in a manner to be recommended by the committee.

The withholding for a specific period of time of the member’s right to use parliamentary facilities and removal or suspension for a specified period of time from any parliamentary position they occupy including in committees, is also another form of punishment.

A member who has been suspended shall not, during the period of suspension, without the written permission of the Speaker, access the parliamentary precincts for whatever purpose or participate in any activity of parliament or its committees.

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Timothy Omondi