High Cost of Coffee Farming Hurting Farmers

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The high cost of production has seen many farmers shy from coffee farming which has significantly hurt production.

Those in the value-chain are calling for more government subsidies to reduce the cost of production to at least see if there will be change.

Last year it was announced that the coffee prices in the international market were at their 13-year low after a kilo traded below a dollar.

High cost of labour and fertilizer is said to be the cause the low price that made it hard for some coffee farmers to break even.

To address this issue, those coffee farmers in the coffee value chain are calling for government subsidies. Lower cost of production is also supported to help drive up local consumption of high-grade coffee and create more market.

Most African nations export coffee without adding value which denies the continent jobs and income.

Inter-Africa Coffee Organization is seeking 900 million dollars from the private sector to offer farmers loans in a bid to increase coffee production.

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Timothy Omondi