How to Build a Positive Body Image

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How do you build a positive body image? A positive body image involves how you feel about your body. Having a positive body image involves separating how you value yourself from how you look.

Body image refers to your emotional attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of your own body.

When you have a positive body image, you feel happy and comfortable with your body. You also feel confident and have high self-esteem.

Are there ways in which you can build a positive body image?

Here are a few tips to help you maintain a positive body image.


You should take good care of yourself at all times. Taking care of yourself involves doing things that contribute to your well-being and happiness.

For instance, you can get a haircut, go for a walk or play your favourite sport. Do the things that make you happy more often. That way, you will build a positive body image.

2.Eat a Well-balanced Diet

You are what you eat. Take care of your body by eating healthy. Avoid taking junk food as it might take its toll on your health. It may also cause you unnecessary weight gain.

Healthy foods may prevent health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease among others.

Eat nutritious foods to promote good health. Foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables may help to boost your immunity.

3.Stay Busy Instead of Fussing About Your Body

It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s playground. Use the time that you would have spent worrying about your body to do something meaningful.

Make sure that you are busy. This will help your mind to focus on the things that matter most. Learn how to take your mind away from negative thoughts about your body.


Working out is an essential part of having a positive body image. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Take part in your favourite activities such as playing football, jogging or swimming during your free time. Other than outdoor activities, you may also go for yoga and meditation classes. This way, you will gradually build a positive body image.

5.Think Positive

Your mind is a powerful tool therefore, it is important to control your thoughts. Feed your mind with positive thoughts as your thoughts determine what you become.

There are days when you feel insecure about your body. Instead of beating yourself up with negative thoughts, surround yourself with positivity. You may read articles on the power of positivity or listen to uplifting music.

6.Write What You Like About Your Body

Sit down and write what you like about your body and pin it where you can see it every day. You may pin it in your bedroom or on your fridge.This will help you to appreciate your body. When you read what you’ve written, it will influence positive thoughts about your body image.

Make it a daily reminder of a positive body image. Re-affirm yourself daily. This will help you to ward off any negative thoughts that may come to your mind.

7.Dress Properly

When it comes to body image, grooming is a matter of utmost importance. You should dress your body properly with comfortable clothes that compliment your body.

Dressing properly will increase your self-confidence. When you are well-dressed, compliments may also come your way. This may also boost your self-confidence and improve your body image.

8.Block Negative Comments Directed at You

Stay away from people who speak in a negative way about your body. You should not tolerate any kind of negative talk as it may cause you to build a negative image of your body.

In case you come across somebody who gives negative comments about your body, do not allow it to tamper with your self-confidence. Surround yourself with positive-minded individuals at all times.

9.Don’t Compare Your Body

It is normal to want to compare your body to that of others. However, you should not compare yourself with others because you are unique. Do not let how other people look affect how you see yourself.

Shut down that voice that tells you that you do not look good or that you are not good enough.

10.Block Any Negative Feelings

There will be times when you will hear or see things that will affect how you view your body. You should be able to process your emotions and let it not deter you from thinking highly of yourself.

Do not let what other people say about your body make you feel lowly about yourself. Learn to block any negative emotions that may come about.

11.Avoid Social Media Comparisons

Most of the pictures on social media may be unrealistic. Be very critical on how you view social media pictures because they may not portray the real picture.

Do not compare yourself with people that you see on social media. This will only make you attain a negative body image.

12.Learn to Love Your Body

Your body is unique. None of our bodies is the same therefore, you should learn to love your body. As much as we are bombarded everyday with images of perfection, you should keep in mind that you are unique.

After all, no one has a perfect body hence you should accept your body as it is. Do not let the belief that your appearance should be perfect affect you. It is okay to have an imperfect appearance.

13.Improve Your Self-esteem

Your self-esteem is your inner voice. How do you feel about your body? If you have high self-esteem, you are more likely to have a positive body image.

Improving your self-esteem involves building up your view of yourself. You should not focus on what you feel might be wrong. Instead, focus on what you feel may be right.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Learn to accept yourself for who you are. You should practice self-love as a way of building a positive body image. You may try yoga and meditation as well. This way, you can block anything that leads to having a negative body image.

You should be comfortable in your own skin as a way of building a positive body image.

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Ivy Wambui