How to Deal with Gossip About You

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How do you deal with gossip about you? If you are facing hurtful gossip, you will need emotional intelligence to avoid making the situation worse.

Gossip is a negative conversation with bad intentions. More often than not, it is spread from one person to the other and within a short time it becomes a cause for emotional distress.

Gossip is a huge time waster. It ruins morale and it could end up as a source of hatred.

Sometimes, people may choose to say hurtful things about you. How you deal with gossip largely depends on what you choose to do when you learn about it.

Here are tips that could help you turn the whole situation around.

1. Consult with your Close Friends

If you learn that someone’s been spreading a dirty rumour about you, consult with your friends. These should be people you trust. Brief them on the current situation.

Ask them to help you to find out if the rumour is true. If it is true, they could help you deal with it. As soon as someone begins to spread the rumour, your friends may help fight its spread by shooting it down immediately.

2. Confront the Source of the Rumour

If you know the person responsible for spreading the rumour, do not hesitate to confront them directly. Make sure you do it when calm. Do not let out your anger as it may give the impression that the rumour is true.

Make it known to them that you do not appreciate the mean things that have been said about you. This way, they will know how you feel about the situation and act accordingly.

3. Maintain a Healthy Self-Image

Gossip can be detrimental to your self-image. Most of the time, gossip focuses on the negatives. Do not let it change the fact that you regard yourself highly.

Just because somebody says something about you does not mean that it is the gospel truth. Sometimes, people just say hurtful things just to hurt you. Do not let your guard down just because of a malicious lie.

4. Ignore it

Sometimes, you may choose not to pay attention at all. A good policy is to react as if gossip does not bother you.

When you hear that there is a rumour about you going round, don’t dwell on it. You may brush it off and have the positive mindset that no one will believe it when they hear it.

5. Tell Someone in Authority

If rumours are a frequent problem, talk to an authority figure. It may be a teacher in school, a therapist or even the area chief in your locality. Let them know what is happening and they may be in a position to help you work through the problem.

They could advise you on how to proceed and take any disciplinary action that may be necessary. If that doesn’t work, you may take legal action against the source of the gossip.

Have a Positive Mindset

People will always talk whether you like it or not. However, you should not let it get to you. Let whatever people choose to say about you not affect you. You should learn how to block any negative talk that is directed to you.

Your mindset will make all the difference. Having a positive mindset goes a long way in ensuring that you deal with gossip effectively.

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Ivy Wambui