How To Parent a Strong - Willed Child

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Are you new to parenthood? Who’s wondering how to raise a strong-willed child? When your child demonstrates a strong character it doesn't mean they are a bad. Strong personality comes with great determination.

A strong-willed child stubbornness can be frustrating. You have to learn how to come in terms with your child.

Here are tips on how to parent a strong-willed child.

1. Be Less Bossy

Strong-willed children tend to be bossy. As a parent you ought to let them wander in their little world. Have a small talk with them on how things should be completed or said by giving statements and not vice versa.

2. Listen to Your Child

There are many diverse ways of listening, and showing empathy is one of them. Therefore you need to listen to your child and try to understand them from their point of view. Listening helps your child develop a sense of social skills which boots their social life.

3. Be Ready to Explain

Your child can be quite demanding while it comes to answers. So giving short answers doesn't count. Imagine receiving answers like "Whatever the case or l have no idea", it can be annoying.

Therefore, make your child understand the situation precisely. For example, we can't do this or that then give definite reasons.

When it comes to changes in activities or schedules always answer the question, WHY? This makes them feel like they are a part of the planning.

4. Set Limits and Boundaries

How do you do set limits and boundaries? Your child needs to learn that there are consequences after every mistake they do. As much as they make mistakes the limits shouldn't break your child's will.

The most important thing is to set up reasonable expectations and not too many rules. This helps in building their self – control and learning important life skills.

5. Give Them Choices

It becomes difficult when you nag your child into doing something they don't want to do. They never budge. The best way to handle such situations is by setting choices for them. And how does it work?

Basically question their actions, "Will you go to the shopping mall now or later?" and let them decide. This gives them the power of choice.

6. Make Them Feel Useful

Waiting for something is a big hustle, right? Then imagine what your strong-willed child goes through while you are busy at the mall or the grocery shop.

Have something that keeps them busy, this distracts them as you work on with your busy schedule. Since they are single focused and first-hand learners, they will feel useful.

Guide, Teach and Coach your Strong-Willed Child

Raising a strong-willed child requires a lot of patience and understanding. Remember to guide, teach and coach your child by not letting your child turn you into a child. Follow the above tips above to build a strong-willed child.

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Agnes Sila