Kibos Factory Close Down

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Kisumu County Has Lost a Major Investor After Sugar Miller Relocate to Rwanda

At least 500 jobs are at stake after Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries said it was considering shutting down its refinery section due to a hostile business environment.

The miller situated in Kisumu claims the decision was necessitated by poor performance due to hiccups created by the government systems.

Managing Director Bhire Chatth announced that they were already in a discussion into a possibility of moving out.

Kibos Sugar factory has been dealt a fresh upset after the Kisumu County Assembly rejected a report it was seeking to build a court case.

The miller had been saved from closure by the Court of Appeal and the document was part of the evidence its lawyers were allowed to introduce.

On October 4, Kibos lawyers told justices Asike Makhandia, Philip Kiage and Otieno Odek that the High Court had failed to consider the environmental report.

But according to documents filed by the county assembly, there is no evidence about the matter.

Assembly Clerk Owen Ojuok said all proceedings are captured in, the official report of debates in the chamber.

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Timothy Omondi