Mobile Cash Robbery

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How 'Kamiti Boys 'are Cleaning Mobile Cash

A caller rushes through his words but then pauses to gauge their effect on the unknown person on the other end. Like a snake charmer, he relies on sound to bamboozle the potential victim.

The idea is to keep the receiver on the line long enough to buy his story, give him confidence by mentioning he is sitting at the bank head office, then trick him into providing the mobile banking password and other details before an account is cleaned in seconds.

They are called “Kamiti boys”. Brushed aside as some jailbirds dialling random numbers in the rising trend of mobile banking fraud, they are a growing army of fraudsters taking advantage of Kenya’s meteoric adoption of digital banking.

FinAccess 2019 shows that 87 percent of households in Kenya have access to a digital account and 78 percent are active account owners,” reads a study by Francis Gwer, Paul Gubbins, Edoardo Totolo and Jack Odero of Financial Sector Deepening (FSD).

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Timothy Omondi