No Romance Without Finance

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Sponsor Culture Rife in Colleges

Young women interviewed in a study revealed that Sh5,000 a month was the bare minimum expected of a sponsor.

One in five female university students are engaged in sexual relationships with older men,Commonly known as "sponsors" in exchange for money and other favours, a recent study by the Busara Centre for Behavioural Economics reveals.

A recent study by the Busara Centre for Behavior conducted among 252 participants aged between 18 to 24 years from universities in Nairobi, and a further 238 participants using random digit dialling, revealed that young women expect money in exchange for sex even from their boyfriends or casual acquaintances.

The study involved a 45-minute questionnaire that included demographic information, psychometric measures and questions covering perceptions, attitudes, perceived prevalence and norms surrounding different sponsor-relationship structures.

For some women, sponsorship provided a chance to make money in way that’s fun and works well alongside their student life.

For others, sponsorship is a chance to access a more luxurious lifestyle, including travel to places they wouldn’t otherwise get to visit. For them, the story of sponsorship is one of fun, excitement and opportunity.

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Timothy Omondi