NTSA New Demands Threaten Matatu Industry

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Matatu owners reject directive to install new speed governors saying it’s costly

A government directive requirement for matatu owners in the Mt.Kenya region threatened to paralyze business as it requires them to fix new speed governors in their vehicles.

The matatu owners are pleading the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA), to withdraw the decree arguing that the new types of speed governors are very costly.

The representatives of matatu owners from Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, Meru, Embu Murang’a, Laikipia, Kirinyaga, Tharakanithi and Kitui are among those who met at a Hotel in Embu town to oppose the order.

The matatu owners are saying that the speed governors that they are using are operational, and in case of violation of law, the NTSA is able to monitor their vehicles hence no need of changing to new ones.

They also added that it is becoming difficult to operate matatu business securely due to the many strict and costly rules.

They are asking the government to engage them in a talk and discuss the issue and come up with a friendly agreement.

They warned that unless the order is withdrawn, they will go on strike.

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