Rights and Priorities to Future

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Sudan is at a historic moment and it is critical that children’s rights are at the heart of the national agenda, UNICEF Executive Director Hentietta Fore said at the end of a three day visit to the country

“This is a defining moment ,’’fore said.Moving forward as Sudan starts the next chapter in its history, it is ctitical that it reconfirms its commitment to its young citizens by putting children and young people in the front and centre.’’

Fore met with some senior government officials, including Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock, and travelled to Kadugli in South Kordofan where she met with partners and societies.

Decades of war and stunted have left millions of children helpless: Over 38 percent of children under-five years are believed to be stunted. Almost 1 million children were displaced in 2019

In her discussion, fore stressed the need to prioritize children’s needs by strengthening action against malnutrition, addressing the education crisis and increasing investments in children and young people.

Fore said that the young people of Sudan have been driving force for change that they have right to be heard and to take part in decisions that affect their present and future wellbeing.

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Timothy Omondi