Trump Lifts Turkey Sanctions After Russian Deal

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President Trump announced today that he was lifting all sanctions against Turkey. This is after it agreed to halt its attack on America's former Kurdish allies in northeastern Syria.

His decision came after Russia came to en agreement with Turkey to deploy troops to extend a ceasefire along the Syrian border.

Turkey's assault began after Mr.Trump's unexpected move to withdraw US troops from Northern Syria earlier this month.

He was heavily criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for the abrupt military pullout. The Kurds targeted by Turkey had been key US allies in the fight against the Islamic State group.

In a conference, Trump said that he would keep a small number of troops in parts of the country to protect oil installations.

According to the president, it was US diplomacy alone that halted the Turkish military operations in Syria. It also instituted a lasting deal to save Kurdish lives.

Others may see a different reality that Russia and Turkey did the deal, but the whole episode was precipitated by Washington's willingness to abandon its Kurdish allies.

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Timothy Omondi