Turkey and Russia Strike a Deal

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in the Southern Russian Black Sea city of Sochi, on Tuesday with a shared agenda of shaping the endgame in Syria's eight-year civil war.

The two, have agreed on what they called a historic deal aimed at keeping Kurdish forces away from Syria's border with Turkey.

The deal comes after the US announced a sudden and unexpected withdrawal and analysts see it as cementing Turkish and Russian influence in the region

For Turkey it means retaining control over areas gained at the expense of the Kurds, while for Russia, its forces alongside Syria's will oversee the rest of the border.

Hours after the deal was announced, Turkey said there was no need to re-launch its offensive, which was on hold due to a ceasefire, as Kurdish fighters had withdrawn from the Turkish safe zone.

The biggest geopolitical loser in this deal is Washington due to the rapid exit of US forces that left the Kurds exposed as a gift to President Putin.

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Timothy Omondi