War on Graft

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State Official’s Wealth to Be Made known to the Public

State officials including the president and his deputy's wealth should be made public.

In a proposed new law, the move intends to make Kenyans aware of state officials riches.

If the law sails through, Kenyans will be able to access details of state officials information on income, assets and liabilities.

The resolution seek to address what has become almost a common thing among civil servants.

According to the law state officials are required to declare their wealth after every two years but the information will be confidential and can only be accessible by those in search of public interest.

This restriction will be removed if MPs take on the suggested law that is before the Senate.

The bill further recommends that, wealth information of the public officers should include their partners and their dependent children.

It further states that these should be submitted after the end of every two years in the month of December. The Filling of returns must be done through Ethic and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The consequences of giving false information will be a fine of at least KSh5 million or a two-year jail term or both if legislators pass the bill into law.

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