Zimbabwe Opposition

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Peaceful Protests Continue in zimbabwe

Nelson Chamisa, Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader said he will roll out anti-government street protests this year, declaring that the collapsing economy will improve only if political issues, including a long-disputed election, are resolved.

Nelson Chamisa told hundreds of Movement for Democratic Change party supporters in the capital, Harare, that he will use the peaceful protests to push for a ”transitional authority” to run the southern African nation until credible elections are held.

Zimbabwe held largely peaceful elections in 2018 in a transition from former leader Robert Mugabe's nearly four-decade rule. But days later the military shot dead several people in Harare as opposition supporters protested a delay in releasing results.

Mr. Chamisa has refused to recognise President Mnangagwa’s presidency following disputed elections in 2018.

He says he is prepared to enter into talks to agree on political and electoral reforms to guarantee free and fair elections in 2023.

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Timothy Omondi