Social Issues

Depression Among the Youth

Dear editor, Through the columns of your esteemed news page , I would like to draw the attention of the concerned mental and physical health specialist to the raging inferno that is consuming the youths whole. Many a times have the youth suffered fro...

Is Jealousy a Sign of Love or Insecurity?

When you get into a new relationship, everything is all lovey-dovey, the romance and love still burning. Then you start noticing that your partner is abnormally possessive of you. Signs of jealousy start showing from your partner.

9 Ways to Break a Bad Habit

A bad habit is a destructive pattern that you have over the years picked up or developed. Destructive patterned behavior leads you to harm yourself physically, socially, economically or emotionally.

10 Ways to Increase Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is all about having a sharp realization of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. It means understanding your thoughts and moods. In short, self-awareness means learning to understand your psychology.

5 Tips For Goal Setting

Do you ever set goals? Goal setting is an integral part of success. If you want to excel, you need to set goals. Without goals, you are headed for failure.