Narrow Death Escape

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Priest Escape Death in Makueni Wife Drama

A catholic priest Father Wesonga Maloba escaped death narrowly after police arrived on time to rescue him from a Makueni County home where a man had threatened to shoot him after finding him alone with his wife.

Mr Mulwa, a businessman, returned home to find a strange car parked in his homestead. On enquiry, his domestic worker informed him that it belonged to a Catholic priest.

He then called his wife to open the house for him but she refused. The angry man,fired four shots at Fr Maloba’s car and deflated all tyres while he was still holed up inside the house.

Police officers from Kathonzweni visited the home and disarmed Mr Mulwa after the Kiumoni area assistant chief reported the matter to Kavumbu police post.

Mr Mulwa’s Ceska pistol was confiscated with two empty magazines and 13 bullets.

Makueni police commander Joseph Napeiyian said he had seen the reports but did not have details of the incident.

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Timothy Omondi