4 Parenting Style

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Have you ever wondered why your child’s behavior might not be to your liking? Well, psychology has proven that four parenting styles affect how your child behaves.

Each parenting style has its pro’s and con’s. As a parent, you have the wish to prepare your child for the world that awaits them but at the end of the day, your parenting style molds how your child grows up.

Here are the attributes of the parenting styles and which one is the best among the styles.

1. Authoritarian Parenting

This kind of parenting revolves where a parent's word is the last. Mainly you use the slogan “because l says so”.

As a parent, you are very strict and controlling. If your child doesn't follow the rules that are set, you punish them. Despite how your child feels. This revokes a negative side such as insecurity and possessing a low self-esteem. Apart from that there is failure in academic and exhibiting behavioral problems.

Among worse cases, your child may become prone to mental issues and likely end up using drugs.

2. Authoritative Parenting

This the best style when it comes to parenting. Despite having high expectations as a parent, you are warm and more communicative. It’s also known as democratic parenting style.

As a parent, you are assertive, but not intrusive nor restrictive. When your child falls into meeting your expectations, you tend to be more of a disciplinarian.

This parenting style helps your child develop good self- esteem. They score good grades in school and they become more independent. Plus, they appear happier and are less violent.

3. Permissive Parenting

Permissive parents are warm and accepting. The difference only is that they make few demands on their children. It’s known as indulgent parenting.

As a parent, you avoid any confrontation with your child. Sometimes permissive parenting may be based on your upbringing.

For instance, you grew up in poverty, you feel the need for compensating poverty with richness. Then you become too friendly with your child that you forget your role as a parent.

So as a result, your child is more likely to struggle academically. Problems may revolve around how your child behaves and low self-esteem may result in a lot of sadness.

There is also a higher risk of health problems, like obesity and decay cavities. Due to the uncontrollable eating of junk food.

4. Uninvolved Parenting

In other words, it means neglectful parenting. There are no firm rules nor boundaries. Thus, your child receive much guidance nor parental attention.

There are several factors that make uninvolved parenting unintentional. For example, mental health issues or lack of knowledge on child development.

As a result, your child is likely to struggle with self -esteem issues. Perform poorly in their academics and show signs of emotional breakdown. Which may cause suicidal behavior in their adolescence.

Why Parenting Styles Matters to your Child

Depending on your parenting style your child's future is likely to be affected. There are several dimensions which affect your parenting style.

This includes your communication style, discipline strategy, and warmth towards your child. Then how fast your child becomes mature.

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Agnes Sila