9 Ways on How to Organize a Freezer

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A freezer is an appliance in the kitchen used to keep foodstuff frozen. In households, you find it as a compartment in the uppermost (or lower bottom) of a refrigerator. There are larger freezers used for heavy commercial use for a larger number of people. No matter the use, if your freezer is well organized it’s more delightful to work with. There are several ways to organize your freezer. It boils down to your preference and the size of your freezer.

The following are useful tips on how to organize your freezer;

1. Try some DIY’s

If your freezer comes without compartments (especially the deep freezers), you could try some ‘Do It Yourself’ hacks to create compartments. For instance, you could use wooden planks to create compartments in the deep freezer. You can use other materials to create a more organized freezer. Use also magazine holders as organizers to help make your freezer more presentable. For your freezer, you can also organize it better by using plastic bins or milk crates. They come in different colors. Thus can make your freezer look more organized and colorful.


Another unlikely product that you can use is a binder clip. To create more room in your freezer, in the slotted shelves, hang some storage plastic bags using binder clips.

2. Label the Food Contents in your Freezer.

To make it easy to know what is your container or sealed bag contains label it. You can label your food by including its name, the ingredients, and the expiry date. This is crucial as it helps identify what you need to use first. It is helpful if you mark your food with the label on the front side or facing out to identify it.

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3. Ensure that the Food is Vacuum Sealed

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Vacuum sealed foods take up less space in the freezer. Food in the freezer can be frozen to a point of no recognition. To avoid this you can use a vacuum sealer. This ensures all the air in the container bag is sucked out. So your food is visible in the container bag.

4. Portion your Frozen Food

To make sure that you defrost or thaw the right potion, freeze it in small needed portions. Having food in the right quantity makes it more presentable and saves space. It also saves your time when you are locating an item in the freezer.


5. Invest in Suitable Containers

Look for containers that are best suitable for freezing and maximize freezer space. In the case of plastic bags, use thick plastic bags and make sure they are air-tight. The same case applies to foil-wrapped food, double wrap it to minimize spacing.

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You can try out containers that are clear to see the contents inside. If your freezer can handle magnetized containers, use them to store products that you do not use often.

6. Re-use old Containers

Old containers can prove useful hence advisable not to throw them. For instance, you can use ice cream containers and old milk containers as freezer containers.


7. Freeze your food in a flat manner

The best way in which you can organize your freezer is by having the food frozen in a flat manner. The advantage you get from doing this is having a well-organized freezer and more spacious.

8. Use a filling style

Like office files, you can organize your freezer in cartons labeled to categorize each food group. This is best done by freezing your product in a flat way so that you can stack them up together in the boxes.


9. Categorize the Contents of Your Freezer

With an organized freezer, having a laminated list of your food in the freezer helps you group the food orderly and maintains freshness. For example, you can categorize soups and sauces in the same compartment. It makes it easy for you to easily find and access items.

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The organization of your freezer is up to your preference. There is no standard rule of how freezers are organized. So when you get your freezer, according to its size and use, it is your choice on how you choose to arrange it.

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