Beef Biltong Green Curry Fried Rice

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If you love beef biltong green curry fried rice then definitely you're going to love this dish.Thai cooking is so interesting because it`s fun cooking their meals because Thai dish combines all four tastes; salty, sweet, sour and spicy.

In fact the way Thai people dine and eat food in restaurant is totally different which makes them so unique. Thai food is so healthy. A lot of vegetables and herbs are used in it. You have a vast menu to choose from.

Did you know that Thailand's most popular dishes contain one, if not several ingredients that makes them spicy. Which is a very good way of treating your stomach. You don`t need to purchase many ingredients to make this meal, by the way all the ingredients are all available in all supermarkets.

You can cook a different meal for your family today and make them feel special with Thai cooking.

I know this one will amuse you but unlike the other Asians use chopsticks, Thai people use a fork and a spoon to eat. This might be the reason why you don`t need to buy chopsticks as well as learn how to use them because you can just eat the food normally with a spoon and a fork comfortably.

That's superb right? Try this meal and you will never miss any bite of it. The recipe is so easy and anyone can cook it in fact you don`t have to be a chef to make this meal. What I always say is that cooking is fun as long as you enjoy cooking.

I used to eat only the food I know and I wasn`t that interested in international foods but with time I've loved all dishes.


1 Cup beef biltong / bite sized 2 cups fresh milk ¼ Cup instant green curry paste 1 Cup coconut milk 2 Cup steamed rice / room temperature 2 Tablespoon vegetable oil 2 Tablespoon fish sauce ½ Tablespoon sugar Red chills / julienne Sweet basil / leaves


  • Combine milk, coconut milk, green curry paste and set aside


  • Soak beef biltong in the mixture overnight (chilled)

  • Heat the wok, add the oil and sauté beef pieces until fragrant, add the mixture simmering until reduced

  • Mix in rice and fry over high-heat until smoked fragrant. Add sugar and fish sauce, fry until dry


  • Place in serving platter, garnish with chills and basil

Biltong goes well along with fresh fruit flavors such as avocado or mango. Alternatively you can as well serve it with salads.

Healthy Benefits

  1. Beef biltong is very high in vitamin B12 and it is actually essential for replacement of cells and health blood and nerve cells for the brain.
  2. It is very low in fat. In fact, it helps to reduce weight.
  3. It is a naturally gluten- free So easy, so fun. I hope you enjoyed my recipe.

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Denis Kiarie