Chicken Lollipop

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By Chef Nicodemus


  1. All-purpose Baking flour
  2. White wine vinegar
  3. cornstarch or corn flour
  4. Cucumber
  5. Coriander
  6. Green pepper
  7. Ginger
  8. Garlic
  9. Red onion
  10. Ajinomoto salt
  11. Mustard paste
  12. Turmeric powder
  13. Oregano
  14. Garlic powder
  15. Bread crumbs
  16. Black pepper
  17. Sunflower oil or corn oil
  18. 1 teaspoon Salt
  19. 2 Eggs
  20. Lettuce
  21. ½kg Chicken drum-sticks


Preparation of marinated chicken

  1. Take each chicken and Push the meat to one end and wash
  2. Boil water and put the chicken drum sticks
  3. After the water boils for a shot while, add onions, soy sauce and salt or seasoning.
  4. Let it boil for 8- 10 minutes.
  5. Prepare the ginger and garlic and put in a bowl, then add two eggs and mix
  6. Remove the chicken pieces from boiling water and put them in the. Mix well.
  7. Put a half a cup of baking flour and corn flour in a different bowl, add paprika and garlic powder and mix well.
  8. Put the flour mixture to the chicken mixture and mix well.
  9. Cover the chicken pieces bread crumbs.
  10. Heat the oil till it’s hot enough
  11. Fry the chicken piece in medium heat until they’re golden and crisp.

Preparation of the salad

  1. Prepare lettuce by tearing with your hands.
  2. Cut the green pepper in julienne.
  3. Cut the cucumber.
  4. Combine the lettuce, green pepper and cucumber. Do not toss.
  5. Mix well the white wine vinegar, mustard paste, black pepper and sunflower oil then sprinkle on the salad.

Health Benefits

High protein content

Chicken lollipops provide the daily protein requirement that are building blocks for muscles.

A source of vitamins and Minerals

It’s also a good source of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B which helps the body with energy production, vitamin D which helps in calcium absorption for strengthening of bines and Vitamin A which is essential in building a better eyesight.

Reduced amounts of cholesterol

The amount of fats and cholesterol in chicken are of lower levels compared to the levels found in red meat. Consuming chicken lollipops lowers the risk of cholesterol and other heart diseases.

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