Depression Among the Youth

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Dear editor, Through the columns of your esteemed news page , I would like to draw the attention of the concerned mental and physical health specialist to the raging inferno that is consuming the youths whole. Many a times have the youth suffered from depression an ended up committing suicide because no one listened to them or because someone misjudged them. Some youths have turned to drugs as a way to escape the space and find peace of mind. Most of them are battling with unemployment and other unspoken issues. The society has resulted into condemnation of the youth terming them as a lost generation. They have no one to listen to them and those that are available are too costly. Their mental health deteriorates with each passing day and they slowly begin to shut down and distance themselves from society. And slowly the monster depression clutches its claws deep into their souls. Suicidal thoughts and reckless drinking sprees become the norm and just like that the society loses a member. It would probably be much easier if people were more open minded and realize that this people need help and no amount of rebuking would heal their broken spirits. If there were more mental health awareness campaigns and counsellors whose prices were not above the roof the world would be a much more hospitable place for their shattered spirits. On behalf of the youths undergoing this traumatic experience, I humbly request you to pass this information to the concerned authorities, and use the power of your outreach to get this information to them. I hope that you consider my request and take proper action.

by Emelda Marombe

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Eugyne Ochieng Kwach

The Author of this Article is an accredited Journalist, Political Show host at GBSTV and a student of political science .