Parenting in the Digital Era

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Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay. The young generation is born into a world that is gadget infested. The digital era comes with its pros and cons. As parents, you need to be vigilant and aware to guide your children in this digital era.

Your children need a helping hand as they venture into this new environment. You need to stay updated, in matters technology to know what parenting measures are most efficient to use in this digital era.

To stay in the loop, practice the following parenting skills to stay afloat in this digital era; 

1.Know that your Child is More Conversant with Technology than you.

In this generation, children have grown up with technology surrounding their experiences. They are more fluent in the digital world which can sometimes intimidate you as a parent.

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This should not be a reason to pull away from being the parent in the situation. Though they are conversant with the computer, they still need your help in directing them towards the right path. 

2.Explore the Fun Aspects of the Internet Together with your Child.

You should give room for your child to lead the way and show you what they do while on the internet. This will give you an opportunity to give lessons on various arising issues during the exploration. Having this will create beautiful memories worth cherishing between you and your child.

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3.Try Learning About the Safety Measures as a Team Effort Between you and your Child.

Before using any products and services from an online company, go through a company’s safety policies. Encourage your child on the importance of reading through a company’s policies, terms and conditions.

Also, you can show them on safety measures and reporting tools they can take when they feel that the content shown is of ‘bad behavior’. 

4.As a Parent, Build Trust between you and your Child.

The virtual world and the real world ought to have the same parenting guiding principles, if not better. As a parent, you should have ground, basic rules that help you monitor the activities your child engages in online.

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This is not a ticket however, to invade your child’s privacy. You let your child know the consequences they will face when they break the rules that founded the trust between you two.

5.Lead by Example.

James Baldwin said, "Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them." When you are exploring websites, practice what you preach to your young ones.

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For instance, review anything before you post, because your children are watching. They will imitate your activities consciously or unconsciously. 

Parenting in the Digital Era Requires you to be Digitally Literate.

This helps you make informed decisions and know how to manage your child’s activities on digital platforms. Your child should engage in other physical activities and family matters. Thus, help them attain and maintain that balance to enjoy being in the virtual world. 

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