Ways of Preventing Suicidal Thoughts

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What is Suicide?

Suicide is no longer the big elephant in the room. Do you find it hard to believe? There is an “entrepreneur” who has started a hotel business with a suicidal suit. To target more customers who think that it’s time to commit suicide. Suicide is not about the flesh or the body, it is about the heart.

If your heart has already fallen into suicide, you will walk into the suicide suit, pay whatever amount it's worth to take your life.How then can you prevent suicidal thoughts?

Suicide has nothing to do with the external things that surround you or even what you do. It deals with the shape and position of your heart.

Why Suicide?

Like the way the car has a steering wheel, our life is controlled by the heart.

Once you are filled with the thoughts that life is cumbersome and not worth living, then your heart takes a negative position towards anything in life.

Overtime everything becomes bitter and you can’t help but complain about your life. You forget that there was a time you were happy.

The heart can control the body. Please take note, we aren't discussing the biological heart but the inner self that is stored within your heart. Your external self is driven by the force that is generated by the inner self (heart).

That is why, if you have a joyful heart you will greet your colleagues with a broad smile and even buy them lunch. But if you have a sad heart, you might curse all day.

Suicide is the accumulation of thoughts that your life's path has been altered. Your life's outcome might not be turning as you expected it to be.

The thought that you should have taken chicken for lunch and not a boiled egg makes you criticize your payslip. From henceforth, numbers on the payslip become an issue between you and your boss and this drags on. Your wife or spouse is also part of the problem. This is all from one thought.

Changing the Heart, Changes the Situation

The most important thing in preventing suicide is to learn the world of the heart. From the heart, you can take control of life issues. Ancient spiritual authors documented that everything in life begins from the heart. “Proverbs 4:23 Keep they heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

While the prodigal son was still in hunger, anguish, misery and despair in the pig's pen, he thought of his father’s house. He shifted his heart form the pig's pen to his father’s house. Afterwards, his body moved from the situation and he enjoyed together with his father.

It's not until you know the position of your heart then, you can shift it to a place of happiness. Changing the situation is not important. What you should give priority is changing your heart.

Though you didn’t eat chicken for lunch,focus your heart to be thankful for the boiled egg instead of moving it to a complaint.

Rather than getting angry about your small salary, be grateful that you are healthy and don’t have to spend millions of shillings in a hospital.

The way you perceive your life will determine the results. Those who fill their hearts with joy are in a position to overcame what is sad. Yet, those who are filled with sadness can't enjoy the happiness that surrounds them.

Say Exactly What is in Your Heart

With the knowledge of the heart, you are in a position to speak about the issues you are currently facing. A big population tends to think if they speak about their issues they will be ashamed or lose their reputation. This is because they don’t understand the world of the heart.

Stagnant water spoils, a heart that doesn’t speak out falls into despair and darkness. If you are in difficulty don’t say you are difficult.Speak about the reasons making you difficult.

Language is a way we can express our heart. You can tell whether a person is tall or short by looking at them but you can’t tell what you are going through until you speak about it.

You should ensure that you are having a true conversation. This way you avoid isolation and you can think about others.

Thinking About Others

If you remain isolated in your world for a long time you can't break free from the thoughts that erupt in your mind. This becomes very hard for you to listen to others or even think about others.

For you not to commit suicide, take a minute and think about your family, friends, siblings and even colleagues. What will they do, what kind of life will they live in the long run? If you told at least one of the above that you are going to commit suicide would they be unwilling to help you?

You should break free from your imagination that people hate you, or are not interested in you. Everyone should confirm these thoughts by asking and checking with those around you.

*Is it true that you hate me to the extent that you can’t pay for my fees?

Do you dislike me this much? *Is it true that you said this about me?**

Always think about other people’s heart around you and you can never go wrong in life. Selfish and self-centered thoughts are leading many to only think about committing suicide.

Life is and will always be a dilemma

No scientist or philosopher is a position to explain what life holds for us. The aspect that you don’t know about tomorrow is the best thing that ever happened in your life.

As you live today you should acknowledge that it’s not an accident, life is unfolding as it should.

Always remember there are days and nights in life, there are times things are good and also bad. When bad things happen, be ready to face them with a strong, sound and positive heart.

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Henry Maina