What Does it Mean to Be a Career Woman?

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Long gone are the days where women were left at home to care for children and do house chores. The 21st-century woman has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Upgrading from a housekeeper to both a housekeeper and a breadwinner. She helps in paying bills and contributing to the economy.

A career woman’s path is not an easy one but it is completely worth the fruits that come with it. For one it frees you as a woman from financial dependency from either your spouse, parents or children.

To be a career woman means that you prioritize your profession or business more than family matters. Your career becomes your biggest achievement in your life.

Below shows what it means to be a career woman;

1. You are a Goal Oriented Person

You make objectives to measure your success. Having goals makes you work for what you what. It keeps you on your toes on what you need to do. You constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and make a plan on how to move from stage to stage.

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2. You Have a Culture of Good Habits

‘A good habit is hard to form but a bad habit is hard to lose,’ is a saying that shows how much having a good habit counts. For you to adapt good habits, it takes discipline and commitment, to achieve the goals and objectives you set as a career woman.

3. You Stand Firm to What You Believe in

In the past, men dominated the business world leaving no room for women. As a career woman, you stand up for what you believe in. This makes your voice heard and your ideas respected.

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You don’t conform to the standards the world sets for you as a woman as they are limiting. Success is an inside job, and it takes you to know why and how to fight for what you believe in.

4. You are a Risk-Taker

As a career woman, you do thorough research and planning and take a calculated risk. It takes boldness and will power to pull the risk taking card. As a career woman, you are bold, confident and courageous.

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Success involves taking a risk. This doesn’t mean you make a careless decision. After thorough research and planning, then you can take the calculated risks. Push yourself out of your comfort zone because it helps you grow.

‘Failure is a stepping stone towards Success’ is a well-known saying in the business world. You, as a career woman will probably hit hurdles, but chances are that the next time you do it again you will know better.

5. You are a Master of Your Skill

As career woman you’re a master of your own skill. You invest in yourself in terms of time and education. You get to understand what you’re doing, well enough to be the master. For instance, you enroll in education and job- related training to improve yourself.

You surround yourself with people who inspire you to reach for greater heights.

6. You are Passionate on what you do

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You are passionate about what you do. Passion is very important to a career woman. It gives you the zeal and motivation to put in the extra effort at your work. It also enhances positive energy which is essential in successful businesses.

7. As a Career Woman You take great care of your body

Working brings fatigue so when you’re under the weather, you take some days off once in a while. You go on vacations or holidays to help clear you mind in preparation to the next project. Your body is of high priority, so you take healthy diets and you exercise to keep fit.

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As a career woman the health of your mind, heart and soul are of vital importance to keep going. This gives you a fresh mindset and energy to go back to work. You take some alone time to relax and rest from work routines.

Being a career woman is a path not pursued by many.

A career woman is a power statement to this male dominated world. It takes great courage and strength to be it. Know what you what and put in the work and success follows.

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