What Does it Mean to Say, “I Know Jesus”?

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Many people say they know Jesus but the truth is they don't accurately know about Jesus.

Just like how many people think they know the flag of the United States of America, however when you check and accurately confirm, they don't know the accurate image of the flag. Had they known they would be able to tell how many stars, stripes, colours, that are there on the flag? Vaguely, we think that we know it but do we really know it accurately?

If we knew it accurately, it becomes very simple and easy.

1. Spiritual Life is Very Easy and Fun

In the same way, if we know Jesus spiritual life is very easy and fun. But why does spiritual life become difficult in our life? Because we don't know Jesus or spiritual life accurately. If salvation is difficult for you, then you don't know spiritual life accurately.

In Jesus, there’s no sin, darkness, difficulties and problems. But why do people live spiritual life containing darkness, hatred and difficulties? It’s because we don't know Jesus accurately and we live with the heart of thinking that I know spiritual life and as a result, you don't want to learn about the spiritual life.

If you decide to learn spiritual life, it’s as easy as learning about salvation. When we think that we know the flag of the USA, we stay over ten years thinking that we know the US flag and we can't learn about the US flag.

2. What Is the Meaning of the Name ‘Jesus’?

What does it mean to say I know Jesus? Those who know accurately about Jesus, sin can’t be a problem in their heart. What is the meaning of the name Jesus? The accurate meaning is in Matthew 1:21; "For He will save people from their sins."

If you don't know the name Jesus then you're a sinner and you've sins. But if you know Jesus in an accurate way then it means you don't have sins. He saved you from your sins.

Then secondly, if you know about Jesus accurately then it means Emmanuel Matthew 1:23;” God with us.”

God who is with us in our problems, difficulties and sufferings. If you have this Jesus, then problems can’t be problems. Neither can sufferings be sufferings.

Those people who accurately know Jesus, they know one thing for sure, burdens can’t be burdens. The same way the widow of Zarephath who knew Jesus never doubted the man of God (Elijah) when he asked her to serve him with bread (1Kings 17:13). Because she knew Jesus, she could not complain even though she didn't have enough.

3. Jesus is More Than Able to Solve Our Problems and Sufferings.

If you know Jesus in an accurate way as Emmanuel (God with us), then you can't have complains, darkness, sorrows and worries in your heart. Jesus is more than able to solve our problems and sufferings. Those people who know Jesus accurately don't have any sin in their hearts and with them, problems can’t be problems. If you don't know about Jesus accurately then come with the heart to learn about Jesus. Then you can learn about Jesus even in 3 minutes.

In Genesis 44 there was a severe famine and Joseph brothers’ came to Egypt to search for food. And Joseph (shadow image of Jesus - people in the world were saved from famine) purposely put the silver cup in the sack of Benjamin. Joseph continuously gave his brothers difficulties and problems.

Joseph knew his brothers but they knew him not (Genesis 42:8) and he continuously pushed them telling them that they're spies. He pushed them into difficulties and sorrows to the extent of taking Simeon (Genesis 42:24) from them and even requesting for Benjamin. He even made their father sad for losing Simeon. The same way Jesus brings burdens and sadness in our lives.

4. Jesus also puts the Silver Cup in Our Life.

Had the brothers known about Joseph, they would not worry anymore? He even put the silver cup in Benjamin's sack to accuse him falsely. Why did he do so? Jesus also puts the silver cup (difficulties, burdens, sorrows and sufferings) in our life. Why? If they knew about Joseph, then the silver cup will become a blessing. Joseph put the silver cup so that he can come closer to them.

Jesus has put the silver cup (problems) in our life so that He can draw closer to us.

Through the silver cup, all the family went to Joseph. As a result, famine was no longer a problem. Joseph was in charge of the food in Egypt and when the family drew closer he gave them a lot of food. Therefore the silver cup in Benjamin's sack was good as they were able to connect with Joseph. They were protected by Joseph from the famine.

Through the Silver Cup We’re Able to Accurately Know God as Emmanuel

Why does God put a silver cup (problems) in our lives? So that He can be drawn closer to us in order to keep and protect us. Through the silver cup, we are able to accurately know God as Emmanuel. We are able to draw closer to God with the problems (silver cup) so that He is able to keep and protect us.

Egypt with Joseph was protected from famine. The same way when we have Jesus, famine (sadness, problems, darkness) can’t penetrate in our lives. Let's not focus on making money but having Jesus in our lives. When we've Jesus, coronavirus can’t be a problem. Neither can difficulties be a problem. If we have Jesus (Joseph) then when we see a problem we’ll be happy knowing that indeed Jesus wants to protect and keep us.

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Rev. Yo Han Kim

Rev. Kim Yohan Snr Pastor Good News Mission Church Kenya East & Central Africa Overseer, Good News Mission Chairman, International Youth Fellowship - Kenya CEO, GBS TV-Kenya