What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Delivery

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Are you getting closer to your due date? This is the most exciting time of pregnancy since you have been waiting so eagerly to finally hold your baby in your arms.

At this point, you may be wondering what to pack in your hospital bag for both you and your baby.

It is important to have your bag packed and ready to go by the 34th to the 36th week of pregnancy. Don’t wait till you get the first contraction to start packing.

It’s advisable to know what to pack in your hospital bag for delivery to avoid under packing or overpacking.

Below is a list of important essentials that should be in your hospital bag.

1. Your Birth Plan and Important Documents

A birth plan is a list of things that you may want or not want to be done during delivery in case of an emergency. For example, whether or not you would want someone in the delivery room with you.

Pack your ID and insurance card. You may want to pack all the documents in an envelope for easier access when in the hospital.

2. Toiletries

Though most hospitals provide some toiletries like tissues, toothbrushes and maternity pads. It may make you feel much comfortable if you could carry your own toothbrush, deodorant, and hairbrush.

You may also carry some light make up like lip balm.


Do not forget to carry a charger for you and your significant other’s phones. Also since you may want to record your birth process you can also pack a camera.

Some other devices like an Ipad or a laptop to keep you entertained during your hospital stay may come in handy.

4. Personal Clothes

Hospital gowns may not be the most comfortable to wear so you may want to pack a set of pajamas, socks, and innerwear.

If your significant other plans to stay in the hospital throughout you may also pack some clothes for them.

5.Your Baby’s Clothes

For your baby you will need to pack a few rompers and onesies, receiving blankets, a newborn diaper pack, hats and socks, and a few warm sweaters.

It’s very easy to overpack baby clothes but make sure you only carry what you need.

6.Going Home Clothes

You may need to pack going home clothes for both you and your baby. Especially if you’ll have people at home waiting for you.

You may want to carry an outfit that you wore during pregnancy because your body doesn’t snap back immediately.

7. Snacks

Hospital food isn’t always the best and they serve it at intervals so it’s not always available. You may need to carry some snacks to nibble on, to give you more energy during the labor period.

8.A Car Seat

For safety purposes, it is advisable to carry a baby car seat with you for the ride back home from the hospital.

Ensure that the car seat is newborn friendly and is compatible with your car.

9.Leave Extra Space in the Bag

Most hospitals give you a care package for both you and the baby so it’s advisable to leave extra space just in case.

You may also get visits from friends and family and they may bring gifts. It’s much easier to leave space instead of carrying lots of luggage.

What Not to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Delivery

Don’t carry any baby toys because your baby will not need them on its first day.

Avoid carrying white clothes for yourself because there will be a lot of bleeding in the first few days after birth.

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