Workouts for Expectant Mothers

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Are you expecting your little bundle of joy? Having a human being growing inside of you is both exciting and terrifying. Pregnancy changes a mother both emotionally and physically. So it is important to be on the move during this period.

Expectant mothers who work out are more energized, experience fewer backaches and have a better body outlook. Work out during pregnancy also aids the expectant mother’s body to go back in its original shape post-delivery.

Follow the workouts below and boost your mood as you wait for your bundle of joy;

1. Brisk Walk

This is a safe exercise for pregnant women. It promotes physical fitness and works out the lungs and heart. It is affordable and it also helps to manage your baby weight which will make delivery easier.

Due to the raging hormones during pregnancy, walking relieves stress and releases endorphins that are responsible for happiness in the bloodstream leaving you feeling great after the exercise.

It also reduces the odds of a C-Section because it increases flexibility and gives a better chance for a natural birth.

2. Swim

Expectant mothers’ body normal response to pregnancy is loose joints and ligaments. Swimming is a gentle exercise during this period since your weight lessens in water more than when on land.

It relieves nausea and improves circulation of blood in your body because swimming strengthens your heart and makes it more efficient to pump blood in your body.

Swimming also cools the body since expectant mothers have higher metabolic rate and amplified blood flow which is your body’s mechanism during pregnancy. The excessive sweating prevents your fetus from overheating.

3. Steady cycling

Do you know there is no harm in cycling as a form of exercise even during pregnancy? Cycling will help you attain fitness and stamina and alleviate fatigue as well.

While there are possible risks such as your body overheating, it’s important to remain hydrated.

However, you should seek medical attention if you’re having belly pains, feeling light-headed, chest ache, amniotic fluid leakage or bleeding while or after cycling.

4. Weight Lifting

Lifting weights for expectant mothers under the close supervision of a doctor or pro trainer is beneficial.


You need to lift the proper amounts of weights to keep fit and retain a steady weight gain during pregnancy. Lifting weights build muscle and strength. This’ will help you maintain your energy during pregnancy and go back to normal physical activity after delivery.

Doctors and trainers prohibit laying on your back as you lift weights because you can cut the supply of blood to the baby and your brain by pressuring a vein known as Vena Cava.

5. Yoga

Yoga is remarkable for your emotional state as well as your body. It will keep you healthy and happy as an expectant mother.

When you’re expectant, your body is always changing. Therefore, practicing yoga help you support your body. It is one of the safest ways to strengthen your body and stretch muscles in the lower body.

As for the physical body, specifically, the abdominal core, pelvic floor and hip, yoga helps you tone these muscles. This will decrease the various aches and pains during the nine months.

6. Plank

Expectant mothers profit from an endurance and static based exercise like a plank since it builds strength at your back and abs. It gives minimal burden on the spine than other exercises.

After the doctor’s go ahead, you can do planks and enjoy the benefit of improved posture and core strength. It is more comfortable because it doesn’t put any pressure on your belly.

Doing planks during the first trimester is easier than the proceeding trimesters. This is because there are various risks in doing planks while expectant such as; you could injure your back, strain your muscles, grow faint or feel nauseous.

7. Squats

Squats improves the strength of your pelvic floor muscles that prepare you for labor. It supports your sacroiliac joint and also stabilizes the pelvis. This reduces pains caused by loose ligaments.

This exercise mirrors the positions that help ease contractions in the first phase of labor. It can assist your baby to descend the pelvis as you prepare for labor.

There are a variety of squats positions that can increase your endurance in your leg muscles. This will allow gravity to take charge and open the pelvic wider for the baby to push through during delivery.

What more is there to say when your bottom is looking great after a workout? Squats will leave your bum looking tremendous.

However, there are a few reasons not to continue doing squats. First, if your baby’s position is breech then you should avoid squats. Second, if squat causes you pain you also need to avoid it. Finally, if you have signs of early labor (premature).

8. Stretches

Due to changes in your belly combined with your fetal weight, you’re likely to be in pain often times. Stretches assist you to cope with these body changes.

There are ways you can apply safe stretches and rip their benefits during pregnancy. When you stretch your back it’ll safely elongate your back muscles, while easing tension in your neck.

Holding every stretch for at least 10 to 30 seconds will help give you adequate rest in the muscles. Controlling your breath which will help slow down your movement during a stretch reduces any risk of straining your joints and ligaments in pregnancy.

Stress Free Pregnancy with Workouts

So do you want to feel great as an expectant mother and have a less stressful pregnancy?Maintaining a healthy weight while working out can boost your mood too.

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