by Emelda Marombe Dear editor, Through the columns of your esteemed news page , I would like to draw the attention of the concerned mental and physical health specialist to the raging inferno that is consuming the youths whole. Many a times have the...

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Parents should nurture their children’s gifts and talents from a tender age. By Harrison Otieno Have you ever felt that if your gift was nurtured from a young age you would have been in a different space in life? Probably a thousand times. You keep r...

Parenting in the Digital Era

Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay. The young generation is born into a world that is gadget infested. The digital era comes with its pros and cons. As parents, you need to be vigilant and aware to guide your children in this digi...

5 Wedding Decorating Ideas

Weddings are great events, where you wish your guests to have a good time. But planning for a wedding is nothing but soothing.

4 Parenting Style

Each parenting style has its pro’s and con’s.As a parent, you have the wish to prepare your child for the world that awaits them but at the end of the day, your parenting style molds how your child grows up.