Government Signs Yaounde Declaration

The Government has increased efforts to control illicit financial flows (IFFs) out of the country through the signing of a crucial continental declaration.

High Cost of Coffee Farming Hurting Farmers

The high cost of production has seen many farmers shy from coffee farming which has significantly hurt production.

Red Cross Lifts Disaster-Prone Societies With Block Chain Money

In Kenya’s poor rural and slum communities, residents have lots to sell-from home grown tomatoes to their Labour hoeing fields or teaching children-but few people have enough to buy the goods and service, reducing the inducement to produce more.

Advocation On Gender Equality

In a conference which was launched on Monday 25th November 2019 the First lady said she supports the removal of barriers preventing women and girls from realizing their full potential.

Unlimited Opportunities for Women and Girls

On Monday the African Development Bank (AfDB) committed to discover new opportunities of directly supporting hard work meant at empowering Kenyan women and girls.