Social Issues

6 Ways to Get Over Your Body Image Issues

Body image is how you perceive your physical self. It is also characterized by the thoughts and feelings that come about as a result of that perception.

How to Control Your Mind

Biologically speaking, the mind is the mental activity which can be perceived. Hence your thoughts and emotions can only be understood by you. Thus, you can only relate to others pain or happiness.

5 DIY Plumbing Repairs

You may be hesitant to handle complicated plumbing projects on your own, but you can fix small leaks and clogs without calling in plumbing professionals.

5 Tips to Tame Your Anger

When you're angry, your mind becomes isolated. This deters you from finding any peaceful resolve and leads you to take things personal.

What are Some Mental Illness Stigmas?

Do you know what is stigma and misconceptions that surround mental illness?