What Does it Mean to Say, “I Know Jesus”?

Just like how many people think they know the flag of the United States of America, however when you check and accurately confirm, they don't know the accurate image of the flag.

Unite Your Heart With God

There are people who God can work through and those whom He cannot. There are the people whom God is searching for to work through them. These are the people who want to unite their hearts with God.

You're in Want?Not a Problem

Many people have difficulties and suffering because they don't have something. It could be they don't have money, food, clothing, love, among many other things.

Was It Okay For Jacob to Lie to His Father?

This story compares Jacob and Esau of how one can receive a blessing. Jacob did not have any condition for him to receive a blessing though he eventually received the blessing. If we learn how Jacob received the blessing and emulate the same, then, w...

The Mighty Hand of God Which Saves His People

Satan cannot release loose people so easily but it takes the hand of God. God helps us in the affliction with a stretched mighty hand. God destroys what seems good to us so that he may become our help. The God who came down to save the children of Is...