Relief for Australia

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Downpours to End Australia Bush-fires Within Days

Australia’s months-long bushfires crisis will likely be over within days, officials said Monday as heavy rainfall extinguished several massive blazes and was forecast to douse dozens more as downpours swept south.

Days of torrential rains have caused flash flooding in New South Wales and Queensland, dampening once-raging fires that volunteers had battled in vain for months.

Sydney experienced its wettest period in 20 years amid several days of heavy rainfall that led to chaotic scenes across the city.

Several major bushfires have been extinguished by the deluge, including a “mega-blaze” that burned through 500,000 hectares north of Sydney and a similar-sized fire to the city’s south, bringing relief to residents and firefighters.

About 30 fires were still burning Monday, but it was expected to be extinguished soon as the rain moves south in the coming days,said James Morris.

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